Timbaland Film Vying For Sundance Grand Jury Prize

Hip-hop producer scored, executive-produced '30 Years to Life'; also collaborating with Beck on cover of Bowie's 'Diamond Dogs.'

"30 Years to Life," the indie flick executive produced by Tim "Timbaland" Mosley, is drawing rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival, where it will vie for the Grand Jury Prize in the Dramatic category, due to be announced Saturday (January 27).

Directed by Vanessa Middleton, "30 Years to Life" stars Tracy Morgan, Erika Alexander, Kadeem Hardison, Paula Jai Parker, Melissa DeSousa, Allen Payne and T.E. Russell as a group of New York friends approaching their 30th birthday.

Shortly before he left for Park City, Utah, site of Sundance, Timbaland said he was pleased how "30 Years to Life" turned out, especially in addressing some of the concerns that he and his own peers have about growing older.

"It's a very good movie," Timbaland said. "It's not your average black or urban movie. It's a crossover. It's like a pop film, and it's about life at 30 years and how the younger generation starts to take over.

"We're getting [to be] 30," said the hip-hop producer, who is 28, "and wondering how do we fit in? Where's our life at? Are we comfortable with our life, and do we feel like we've made a lot of adjustments in our life at the age of 30? It has a real concept, this movie."

In addition to executive producing "30 Years to Life," Timbaland also scored the flick and oversaw the soundtrack, which features a mix of original Timbaland tunes and some of his old-school faves.

According to a publicist for the producer, Timbaland is still tweaking the soundtrack, which still has a working or "temp" score. He will wait to see if "30 Years to Life" gets picked up for distribution before assembling a final version of the soundtrack.

In related soundtrack news, Timbaland also discussed his recent collaboration with Beck on a cover of David Bowie's "Diamond Dogs." The track will be featured in the upcoming Baz Luhrmann movie, "Moulin Rouge," which stars Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman and is due June 1.

"He's diverse," Timbaland said of Beck, "so he's just like me. He's in a whole different league and a whole different category. It makes me [get back] into a highly creative mode ... and he makes me feel like he's with me. He likes the stuff I like, the ill stuff that goes all different."

He has his own sounds," Timbaland added. "He gives sh--, and I'll be freakin' off his sound. Beck has a lot of sound, and his sound library is just ridiculous. His guitar sounds are just retarded to me."

Aside from reworking "Diamond Dogs," Timbaland said he and Beck cut another track, "Our Music," which will be included on the new Timbaland and Magoo album, Indecent Proposal, due in April.