MTV News Now: 10 Things You Might Not Know About The Puffy Combs/Shyne Case

1) When arrested, Puffy was carrying $8,200 in cash.

2) Earlier in the evening that the shooting took place, in a separate incident, police arrested New York Knick (now Dallas Maverick) John Wallace outside Club New York.

3) Shyne's recent accident was not his first major vehicular incident. He had his license revoked in 1998 after a one-car accident in which one person was killed (see "Judge Issues, Then Revokes Warrant For Shyne's Arrest").

4. The shooting occurred just after another club patron threw a thick wad of money at Puffy, witnesses have testified. Puffy had been arguing with a person known only as "Scar," one witness said.

5) Wardel Fenderson, the driver of Puffy's car the night of the incident, is suing Puffy for $3 million for personal injury, false imprisonment and emotional distress.

6) Both Jamal "Shyne" Barrow and Anthony "Wolf" Jones, Puffy's co-defendants, have signed sworn affidavits that Puffy did not have a gun and have offered to testify to this on the stand if they are granted separate trials. Jones has also sworn that Puffy did not attempt to bribe Wardel Fenderson. Unless the cases are "severed," neither will testify.

7. The gun that authorities claim was thrown from Puffy's vehicle was allegedly found by a driver for an escort service, who eventually turned it over to his boss, who served as an F.B.I. informant. The informant gave the gun to the F.B.I., who then gave it to the district attorney's office.

8) All three Club New York shooting victims have filed multi-million dollar lawsuits against Puffy (see "Puff Daddy Hit With $100 Million Lawsuit By Club New York Bouncer").

9) The alleged getaway car is a gray Lincoln Navigator SUV with a built-in cell phone, multi-disc CD player, VCR and TV. It also contained, among other things, 15 videotapes, several cell phones, and a full-length gray fur coat.

10) Days after his arrest, Puffy made his first public appearance on MTV's New Year's Eve broadcast, and had (in his words) "the worst New Year's ever" (see "Puff Daddy: Life Under Fire").

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