Biafra Blasts Ex-Dead Kennedys Bandmates, Plans Appeal

Former frontman of punk band, 'totally embarrassed' by plans to release rarities, says he'll fight $200,000 judgment against him.

Ex-Dead Kennedys member Jello Biafra blasted his former bandmates Monday, saying he was "totally embarrassed" by their plans to release early recordings and other rarities without his permission.

In a statement issued through his label, Alternative Tentacles, Biafra also said he has filed a motion for a new trial and will appeal a San Francisco Superior Court decision awarding the other Dead Kennedys $200,000. Last year, a jury decided Biafra failed to promote the band's back catalog and pay back royalties to the three other members.

"The jury's verdict is outrageous and both legally and factually incorrect," Biafra said.

In the statement, Biafra acknowledged an "accounting mistake," and said he has already paid East Bay Ray, D.H. Peligro and Klaus Flouride back royalties. Biafra also said he offered them future payment, an offer they declined.

The other Dead Kennedys plan to release live albums, home videos and remastered versions of the group's original releases, beginning this spring (see "Ruling Resurrects Dead Kennedys Rarities").

The legal action began after Biafra opposed allowing Levi's to use the Dead Kennedys' "Holiday in Cambodia" for a television commercial.

"I could think of no worse way to stab Dead Kennedys fans in the back than to turn around and trash everything we ever stood for and allow one of our best (and my favorite) songs to be used to sell products by a global corporation with controversial labor practices," Biafra said in the statement.