Fieldy Readies Solo LP As Korn Work On Issues Follow-Up

RBX, Pharcyde's Tre Hardson will also appear on Fieldy's album, he said.

ANAHEIM, California — As Korn continue writing "the heaviest record possible," bassist Fieldy is finding time to assemble a hip-hop solo record, which he said will boast guest vocals by Eminem, RBX and the Pharcyde's Tre Hardson.

"I'm playing bass, guitar, keyboards and doing vocals," Fieldy said Saturday. "It's a hip-hop record, but really musical — all live instruments."

The bassist said Fieldy's Dreams should come out on Sony before Korn's as-yet-untitled fifth album, which is tentatively slated for a July 3 release.

Korn's publicist said while Fieldy is in talks with Eminem about his solo project, the rapper is not yet confirmed to appear on the album.

The other members of Korn will not appear on Fieldy's solo debut but they are all supportive of the project, he said. "It's a hip-hop record; it's not in any competition with Korn. And Korn's my priority — I'll always do that first. Fieldy's Dreams is a hobby. I'm just doing it for fun, and if it blows up, sells, great."

Fieldy has been working on the album in a variety of environments for about four months. "I've got a studio everywhere I go," he said. "I'm always working."

Fieldy and Korn guitarists Munky and Head attended the National Association of Music Merchants trade show in Anaheim, California, on Saturday to sign autographs at various merchant booths. Fieldy and several people accompanying him wore T-shirts that read "Fieldy's Dreams" and passed out stickers promoting the project.

Korn will head to Phoenix later this week to continue writing for the follow-up to 1999's Issues, but will record the album in Los Angeles with producer Michael Beinhorn (Hole, Red Hot Chili Peppers).

"We're just trying to get as heavy as we can, 'cause that's what people want," Fieldy said. "Definitely heavier than [Issues.]"

The band is taking a new approach to songwriting this time around, pairing up in teams and then rotating partners. Though the new writing arrangement has brought interesting results, the whole process of making the album is taking longer than Korn are used to, Fieldy said. "It's taking forever."