Nude Queens Of The Stone Age Bassist Arrested In Rio

Nick Oliveri charged with corruption of minors after taking the stage naked at festival.

Despite Rio de Janeiro's flesh-happy rep, it's apparently illegal to bare

all in public in the Brazilian city.

No one was more surprised to learn of this legislation than Queens Of The

Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri, who was reportedly arrested on Friday for

hitting the stage nude during the band's performance at the week-long


Police pulled Oliveri from the stage and wrapped him in a towel,

releasing him from the Office for the Protection of Minors about 10

minutes later when a Rock in Rio lawyer arrived, Reuters reported.

Oliveri dressed, and then the band played its set.

Oliveri, whose full-frontal encores are nothing new to fans of the band,

reportedly told officials, "I did not know it was a crime here in Brazil,

otherwise I would not have done it. I apologize to the public and the

Brazilian people.''

Oliveri faces a corruption of minors charge, which may require him to

remain in Brazil to give statements and pay a fine if found guilty.

Oliveri's spokesperson did not return calls Monday (January 22).

Queens of the Stone Age released the acclaimed Rated R last summer and

scored minor hits with "Feel Good Hit of the Summer" and "The Lost Art of

Keeping a Secret."

Rock in Rio, which attracted crowds as big as 250,000 people to see a

variety of acts from Guns N' Roses to Britney Spears, came to a close

Sunday night with a performance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who managed to

stay clothed for their performance.