Jazz-Metal Band Candiria Working On Wild New Album

Group's fourth LP, 300 Percent Density, due May 1.

Brooklyn jazz-metal experimentalists Candiria are holed up in a studio with producer Mike Barile, working on a new album titled 300 Percent Density.

"The new songs are filled with some of the wildest music we have ever written," guitarist John Lamacchia said in a statement. "At the same time, they flow quite naturally. We are exploring new directions on this album, without compromising the sound that is Candiria."

The LP, Candiria's first since signing with the U.S. arm of Germany's Century Media Records, is their fourth and is due May 1.

Candiria's multitextured hard-rock sound hinges more on jazz theory, funk and an artfully passionate inventiveness than on the testosterone angst of the rap-metal currently grimacing up the charts. Mosh-inducing guitar frenzies and growling vocals coexist alongside fluid, acrobatic hip-hop prose, with the band often dipping into straight-ahead free jazz, all built atop a solid foundation of chugging rhythm.

Candiria began exploring their varied musical territory on their Surrealistic Madness debut, self-released in 1995. Beyond Reasonable Doubt (Too Damn Hype Records) followed two years later, garnering the band respect from underground hardcore and metal press.

The five-man band, which also loosely includes rappers, artists and musicians from the group's "COMA" crew, had to search for a new home following the disappearance of MIA Records, which released 1999's dense and creative Process of Self Development.

Century Media, Candiria's new home, is known for aggressive, extreme metal acts such as Norwegian black-metal band Emperor, Seattle's Nevermore and Indiana's Iced Earth.