Biohazard's Next Features Sen Dog, Mandy Moore Collaborator

Rap-metal pioneers finishing up sixth studio offering; Cypress Hill MC appears on 'Last Man Standing.'

Mandy Moore, P.M. Dawn, Innosense ... and now, Biohazard.

So reads the résumé of producer Jive Jones, who is working on the Brooklyn rap-metal pioneers' sixth studio LP, due this summer.

"Last Man Standing," a track featuring Cypress Hill MC Sen Dog, is likely to be the first single from Biohazard's as-yet-untitled project, according to Jones, the man behind popster Moore's sugary single "Candy."

"I'm all over the place right now," Jones said from the Biohazard studio Friday (January 12). The 25-year-old Miami native has recently recorded tracks for groove rappers P.M. Dawn, teen pop princesses Innosense and newcomers Kim Ferron and Shooting Blanks.

"But Biohazard is like a dream come true for me," Jones said. "I've been listening to them since I was a kid. These guys really got the rap-metal thing started. I want to call the record 'Take It Back,' because that's what we're doing. We're not taking it back time-wise, we're taking back the rap-metal claim."

Biohazard — singer/guitarist Billy Graziadei, singer/bassist Evan Seinfeld, guitarist Rob Echevarria and drummer Danny Schuler — have produced most of the album themselves in their own studio, Jones said.

The band formed in 1988 and released several rap-metal landmarks, including 1996's Meta Leao and two collaborations with rappers Onyx, a remix of "Slam" and the title song on the "Judgment Night" soundtrack.

Jones, who co-founded Internet radio station The Womb, has also recorded his debut solo album, Me, Myself and I, due in the spring on Columbia Records. His first single, "Money Shot," will be released to radio and video outlets in late February.

"It's rap-rock, like Limp Bizkit, but with a Prince flair," Jones said of his album, which includes guest appearances from New York City DJs Roc Raida and DJ Riz. "I like to straddle the two styles. I like taking DJ tracks and putting punk guitars over them and vice versa."

Jones recorded the album in various studios around the U.S., including Nashville, where he felt inspired to cover songs from country stars Trisha Yearwood and Chet Atkins. "Seriously, don't laugh," he said. "I'm all about bringing different styles together."