Everything But The Girl To Release Dancefloor Hit

"Tracey in My Room," the dancefloor hit that blends Everything but the Girl's 1996 single "Wrong" with a Soul Vision remix of Sandy Rivera's "Come Into My Room," is set to receive an official U.S. release on February 8, according to EBTG's U.S. label, Atlantic Recordings.

Having emerged as an anthem at EBTG producer Ben Watt's weekly London club night, Lazy Dog, "Tracey in My Room," named for the electronic-pop duo's singer Tracey Thorn, was initially pressed in a tiny 500-copy run and distributed to select DJs. But reaction to the song was so great that a commercial release was planned. (The single comes out January 15 outside of North America.)

"I was playing this Soul Vision track and was messing around with it one day at home and realized it was exactly the same key as 'Wrong,' " Watt said of the track. "The two just seemed to fit hand in glove; they could have been made for each other."

The song was included on the recent Lazy Dog double mix-CD on Astralwerks Records, which features approximately hour-long discs by both Watt and Lazy Dog co-resident Jay Hannan. The pair often test new cuts at the club, and "Tracey," which Watt said he first played around Christmas 1999, was no exception.

"I tried it at the club and it was absolutely instant with the crowd," he recalled. "They told me it was the right thing to do, and I'm a great believer that the dance floor never lies."

Lazy Dog will begin a five-city U.S. DJ tour on February 7 in Chicago.

"Lullaby of Clubland," the third single from Everything but the Girl's 1999 album, Temperamental, reached #3 on Billboard's club-play chart in November, following the two #1s "Five Fathoms" and the title track. Rather than hype "Tracey in My Room" as the next EBTG single, Watt chose to let the song enter the public consciousness more organically.

"We put out white labels and the only thing stamped on it was 'Tracey in

My Room'; it didn't say anything about Everything but the Girl," he said. "As the summer went by, DJs were picking up on it and it started appearing on hype charts and things. It built like a proper dance single should. ... We kind of bootlegged our own track."

Lazy Dog tour dates:

  • 2/7 - Chicago, IL @ Smart Bar

  • 2/8 - San Francisco, CA @ 1015 Folsom

  • 2/9 - Denver, CO @ Next

  • 2/10 - Santa Fe, NM @ Paramount

  • 2/11 - Los Angeles, CA @ Fais Do Ballroom