Fear Factory Deliver Digimortal In April

Fear Factory will continue to grapple with technophobia on their fourth studio album, Digimortal, which has been scheduled for release on April 24.

The industrial metal band is currently in an L.A. studio mixing Digimortal's B-sides with producer Rhys Fulber, who worked on the band's past records (see "Fear Factory Back In The Studio"). Some of the B-sides could wind up on European versions of the album, according to a spokesperson for the group.

Confirmed song titles for the new LP include "Invisible Wounds," "Digimortal," and "Lynchpin," which is likely to serve as the album's first radio single.

Since their 1992 debut, Soul of a New Machine, Fear Factory's albums have expressed the band's general disdain for society's dependence on technology, and Digimortal should be no different. The forthcoming LP envisions man and machine fused into a single entity and engendering the start of a new race, the band's publicist said.

On January 19, the band kicks off its month-long engagement on SnoCore Rock, one of this year's two SnoCore tours. Fear Factory will share the stage with Kittie, the Union Underground, Slaves on Dope and Boy Hits Car on the outing, which ends February 17.

SnoCore Rock's complement, SnoCore Icicle Ball, runs from January 17 to February 23 and features Galactic and Les Claypool's Frog Brigade, among others.