Dru Hill Album Back On, Sisqó Says

Group's third LP expected in summer, after spring release of singer's second solo album, Return of the Dragon.

The next Dru Hill album — which was on and then off — is on once again, after the group members "grew up" and realized their strength in numbers, according to Sisqó.

"It wasn't gonna happen, but now it's about to happen again," Sisqó said, after helping to announce the 43rd annual Grammy Award nominations Wednesday. He picked up three nods, including one for Best New Artist. "We've got some new developments with the group situation. We grew up and kind of looked around, and we all realized that we could basically do with or without each other, but working together would probably be more beneficial for all of us," he continued. "We basically swallowed our pride, looked in the mirror and tried to grow up as men. We still got a lot more lessons to learn."

Sisqó, who first said in September that Dru Hill's third album had been postponed, reiterated that the project was still off as recently as last month. "Basically, it was the typical group stuff, egos clashed and we couldn't figure it out, pull it together," he said at December's Billboard Music Awards.

The Baltimore group of high-school friends, who debuted their street-oriented R&B with their self-titled 1996 album, recently recorded a new song called "Without You." It will turn up on Sisqó's second solo album, Return of the Dragon, due in the spring.

Sisqó said the Dru Hill album will follow the release of Return and likely will arrive in stores in the summer.

Meanwhile, the first single from Return, "Infatuated," will be released to radio late this month, Sisqó said.

The crooner helped announce the nominees for the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards, picking up three nods, including one for Best New Artist.