Upcoming Kraftwerk Compilation Includes Single, Remixes

Expo 2000 due to hit stores March 6.

The dons of dance music, Kraftwerk, will release a compilation March 6 that for the first time combines their single "Expo 2000" with remixes by the top names in electronic music, according to Astralwerks Records, which is issuing the collection.

The single was originally released in November 1999, after a 30-second jingle composed by the group for use in Expo 2000 — a multicultural international gathering in Hanover, Germany — garnered public acclaim and inspired the recording of a full song. At the time of its release, it was the first new Kraftwerk song in more than a decade.

In addition to Kraftwerk's three "Kling Klang" versions of the track, the new collection, also titled Expo 2000, features remixes by Orbital, Francois Kevorkian and Rob Rives, and Detroit techno veterans Underground Resistance, who weigh in with four mixes from their camp. DJ Rolando, who produced the smash single "Knights of the Jaguar," produced one remix, with the three others credited to Underground Resistance, UR Infiltrated and UR Thought 3. The remixes were included on a double 12-inch that was released in October on EMI Germany.

Kraftwerk — centered around the core duo of Dusseldorf, Germany's Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider — in the 1970s molded the shape to which virtually every type of electronic music to follow would conform. The foundation for an infinitesimal number of sonic innovations, structures and environments can be traced back to their stretch of albums from 1971's Kraftwerk 1 to 1981's Computer World. The band released its last new material on 1986's Electric Café.