"Weird Al" Enlists Drew Carey For New Video

After taking on "The Phantom Menace" and landing his own "Behind The Music," "Weird Al" Yankovic will return to the airwaves on Wednesday to unveil his latest video.

The king of parodies will turn up on MTV's "Total Request Live" on Wednesday afternoon to debut his Puffy-spoofing clip "It's All About The Pentiums." This time out, Yankovic will get a bit of help from comedians Drew Carey and Emo Phillips, who both pop up in the video.

While the clip is making its television debut on "TRL," it will simultaneously get an online coming-out party at a site specifically created for the launch (at www.thepentiums.com). Yankovic trotted out his last video, the "Phantom Menace" spoofing "The Saga Begins," in a similar fashion.