Xzibit Teams With Ras Kass And Saafir For Golden State Warriors

Xzibit, who is preparing to release his sophomore album "40 Days and 40 Nights" on August 25, is already lining up another project.

The rapper has teamed with two other Cali-based MCs, Ras Kass and Saafir, to form a group called Golden State Warriors.

"We was up in the Bay Area doin' a show together and it turned out that we all had to get on stage together because we only had one DJ, and my DJ didn't show up or something like that," Xzibit recently told our friends in the MTV Radio Network of the group's origin.

"It was just tight, 'cause song after song, like they would play a Ras Kass song and the crowd would go off. Then I would play an Xzibit song and the crowd would go off. Saafir would grab the mic and the crowd would go off again, and it was like, 'Hey, we could make a habit of this.'"

The fruits of that collaboration can be heard on Xzibit's "Three Card Molly," which appears on his upcoming album. The album's first single, "What You See Is What

You Get," should be popping up soon.

Ras Kass also has an album on the way, titled "Rasassination," that he hopes to put out later this year. The Golden State Warriors are then planning to get back together to work on an album of their own.