XTC Returns With New Album, Continues To Resist Call Of the Road

It's been seven years since the quirky English pop poets in XTC released their last studio album, "Nonsuch," but now Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding have returned to release a new XTC record, "Apple Venus, Volume One."

The band has spent most of the last seven years embroiled in a bitter contract dispute with their U.K. label, Virgin Records, and had refused to record or even start definite work on a new album until they had been released from the label.

XTC, known for such "college rock" hits as "Dear God," "Senses Working Overtime" and "Mayor of Simpleton," rarely make any sort of live appearances because of Partridge's well-documented stage fright -- so the promise of fresh music from the band has its rabid fans in a bit of a tizzy.

Recently Partridge and Moulding sat down with MTV News and explained why they don't need or want to ever tour again.

"We're not 18," Partridge said. "We've

done all the touring thing. We've deafened everybody and ourselves. We've drunk the planet dry. We've molested everything that walked. And a few things that didn't. We've got that out of our system. "

"It's a young fellow's game," Moulding chimed in, "and now --

"We're more manager-trainer shaped," Partridge interrupted. "We could have been contenders. So, [instead] what we do is we make records. Hey, It doesn't mean you're a bad person [if you don't tour]." [28.8 RealVideo]

XTC says they hope to release their next album in about six months, and described "Apple Venus, Volume 2" as more of a straightforward rock & roll album.