Wilco Gives Fans Two For The Price Of One

April 8 [12:00 EST] -- Just when your entertainment dollar is being stretched beyond its limits, there are a few bargains left to be had. One such consumer-friendly find is "Being There," the second album from alt-country kingpins Wilco.

The release is a 19-song double disc set that's priced as a single CD, and can be picked up for as low as $9.99 in some markets. The band wanted to offer music lovers an old-fashioned, two-sided listening experience, but why at such a low price?

"One of the concerns that the record company had, and a concern of ours, was that nobody was going to be interested in a double record by a band they'd never heard of," Wilco centerpiece Jeff Tweedy told MTV News.

"We took a royalty cut, and figured out how to manufacture the CDs a little cheaper and got it down close to a single CD price in most places."

And, in the tradition of great business minds everywhere, the band passes the savings on to you.