Whiskeytown Widens And Repaves "Street" With Additional Songs

Looks like frontman Ryan Adams will have the last word about the final state of Whiskeytown's 1996 indie debut, "Faithless Street," and he has dramatically altered the sound shape of the album for its September 29 re-release.

Since signing with Outpost Records and releasing an album, "Stranger's Almanac," last year, Adams has complained about the muddy sound of their first album, and the inclusion of certain songs that he now considers inferior.

The new and improved version of "Faithless Street," which was recorded back in 1995 in Apex, North Carolina, will feature new artwork, remastered tracks of most of the original album, and nine previously unreleased songs.

The new tracks originated from two different sessions, including those from the "Faithless Street" album, and from another studio session in 1996 -- just before the band began recording "Stranger's Almanac." One song that won't be included in the revamped album is "Oklahoma," which Adams says he was never fond of

and was placed on the original version of "Street," despite his objections.

The new material includes: "Desperate Ain't Lonely," "Tennessee Square," "Lo-Fi Tennessee Mountain Angel," "Empty Baseball Park" "Here's to the Rest of the World," "Factory Girl," as well as demos of "Excuse Me If I Break My Own Heart," "16 Days" and "Yesterday's News," subsequent versions of which would later appear on "Almanac."

Whiskeytown has undergone several line-up changes while out on the road during the past year, and will break in a new line- up tonight at Boulder's Fox Theater.