Paul Weller Trades Wrecked Room For A Paris Cell

November 17 [10:00 EDT] -- Rock veteran Paul Weller, best known for fronting the Jam and Style Council and now enjoying a reasonably successful solo career, was arrested and jailed for generally wreaking havoc not to mention his hotel room last week in Paris. London's Daily Mirror reports that the rock star, in town for a concert, went drinking in the Warwick hotel lounge with the local reps from his record company, but the bar shut down at 11 PM. The record reps apparently headed home, but Weller returned to his room, drank its mini-bar dry, then called the front desk and demanded the hotel reopen the main bar. When management refused, Weller took it out on the room by banging on the walls, throwing around the furniture and ripping up the carpet.

The police were called and Weller was arrested. He apparently spent eight hours behind bars before being bailed out just before noon the following day. The damages, roughly 4000 British pounds worth, were paid by the concert promoter

which pre-empted the hotel pursuing their complaint. A reportedly subdued Weller left the jail with the promoter and traveled directly to the concert venue where he performed that night.

A friend of Weller's told the paper the singer was upset because he was about to turn 40, but the comment was later laughingly dismissed by a band spokesperson.