Jakob Dylan Discusses "Heroes" For "Godzilla"

The Wallflowers have just finished shooting the first video for the "Godzilla" movie soundtrack, for their cover of the David Bowie classic "Heroes." The single will be released to radio in two weeks, while the movie is scheduled to arrive on screens May 20.

MTV News caught up with Wallflowers frontman Jakob Dylan on the set of the video for "Heroes," and talked about how the band came to cover one of the Thin White Duke's best known songs (the tune has also been used in ads for Microsoft Windows).

"I'm not exactly sure how the idea originated," Dylan said, "but it sounded like a good idea. We were looking to do something for a movie this summer and, well, big is better, as they say."

"Will Smith says go for the movies that have the aliens or the beasts," Dylan continued, jokingly. "The animals, basically. We did look for a 'Free Willy' type

of movie, then decided to go the other way and go with danger." [900k QuickTime]

As we previously reported (see "Foo Fighters Describe Joining Puffy, Page, Rage, Jamiroquai For 'Godzilla'"), the soundtrack for "Godzilla" will also feature Rage Against the Machine, the Foo Fighters, Jamiroquai, Puff Daddy with Jimmy Page, and Puffy's first rock band signing, Fuzzbubble.