Vitamin C Going To Prom, Movies

Going to the prom and the movies might sound like a rather unremarkable itinerary for this time of year, but it's newsworthy if you're Vitamin C.

The pop songstress, who's currently riding high with the timely hit "Graduation (Friends Forever)," will head to New Jersey's James Caldwell High School in West Caldwell on June 9 for that school's prom.

"I am playing a prom, which is going to be quite fun," Vitamin (or is it Ms. C) explained to the MTV Radio Network recently. JCHS, which won a recent contest on the singer's official Web site, will be playing host to the singer. "I haven't been to a prom in many years and didn't go to my own, so that should be really fun. [RealAudio]

After the prom, Vitamin plans to spend the summer working on a new album and filming her part in the

upcoming Miramax flick,

"Dracula 2000." After the film wraps shooting this summer, it is expected to hit theaters before year's end.

Vitamin C will also hit toy stores this summer in the form of a "hair activity doll" that gives you the chance to change the color of its hair (hence "hair activity"). The doll is expected to arrive in July or August.