No Doubt For A Day: The Life Of A Seat Filler

September 5 [00:25 EDT] -- Would you stand in line for over an hour to sit next to John Popper for three minutes?

Gabriel Bellman did, but hey, it's his job.

He and hundreds just like him stood at the ready Thursday night waiting to fill seats at Radio City Music Hall during the MTV Video Music Awards.

The award show producers don't like the look of empty seats for their events. It's just not...fabulous enough. So to make sure there aren't any, they recruit eager and willing MTV employees who wouldn't otherwise get to check out the show.

Just out of camera range, hundreds of guys and dolls, decked out in their finest VMA garb, line the walls of Radio City, penned in by a red velvet rope waiting until Jewel or Puff Daddy takes a trip to the powder room.

For some, like Bellman, the hours of standing on an incline offer only a lackluster three minute reward. For others, like Melissa Wolff, there's a bigger payoff. Melissa and her friend John Vaccaro

eventually found their way to two seats right in the middle of a pack that included Fiona Apple, Janeane Garofalo, and Chris Tucker (who was then joined by host Chris Rock).

"The Spice Girls came right down next to us. We could've slapped a Spice Girl," Vaccaro said of his moments mingling with the stars.

"But we restrained. That wouldn't have been good seat filler etiquette," Melissa added. More impressive than that, the two (who were apparently filling in for two members of No Doubt) were able to enjoy those seats for an hour and a half, resting their throbbing feet. Maybe Bellman will have better luck next year.