Verve Pipe Address Fans' "Freshmen" Thoughts

May 29 [10:00 EDT] -- Consider it the song that wouldn't die.

This week, the Verve Pipe hit "The Freshmen" creeps up another three spots from number eight to number five in the billboard top ten.

The ode to lost innocence was originally penned five years ago by singer Brian Vander Ark, and has been put through countless reworkings by the band since then. Apparently the band finally hit paydirt, and found a version of the song that has struck a chord with listeners, as evidenced by the track's chart success and the e-mail that Vander Ark gets from fans.

"I don't want to have to explain it," Vander Ark told MTV News before its set at the Q101 Jamboree last weekend. "Not because I'm bored with explaining it. It's just that I have explained it a couple of times and I've had it come back to me, through the e-mail and where people say, 'That's not what the songs about, it's about this.' And it's like 'Okay whatever.' And so I just realized I

don't want to ruin it for anybody, I want it to be what it means to them." [400k QuickTime]

Vander Ark said that he doesn't want his interpretation of the song to clash with those of fans.

"I know that when I was growing up, and listening to songs, and I thought a song meant something or actually thought a line was something completely different from what they sang, I thought wow that's really profound and then when I found out it wasn't, it kind of breaks your heart in a way."

The Verve Pipe will continue to play the radio festival circuit this week with gigs at the HFStival in Washington, D.C. on Saturday and the G105 Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina on Sunday.