Live Stevie Ray Vaughan Album On The Way

June 9 [10:00 EDT] -- Epic Records will soon release a landmark live performance by late guitar great Stevie Ray Vaughan recorded at New York's Carnegie Hall.

The release, due July 29, features Vaughan with his band, Double Trouble, as well as help from Dr. John Angela Strehli, and Stevie Ray's brother, Jimmie Vaughan.

"Live at Carnegie Hall" captures the band's October 4, 1984 performance, which Jimmie has described as being like "like winning a Grammy or anything really special that you do, that happens to you. In the moment when it's happening, you might not be that conscious of how special it is. You're just getting through it, getting the job done. But later on, when you reflect on it, you think 'Wow, did that really happen to me? That was really something special.'"

Among the 13 tracks on the live album are Vaughan nuggets like "Scuttle Buttin'," "Cold Shot," and "Pride And Joy" as well as covers of Albert Collins' "Collins Shuffle," Albert King's "C.O.D."

and Guitar Slim's "Letter To My Girlfriend."