Vanilla Ice Man Cometh Back

You remember Vanilla Ice, the much maligned homogenized rapper who scored a major hit with "Ice Ice Baby" (rapped over the bass line of "Under Pressure" by David Bowie and Queen). After several years of 90's invisibility, Ice, as he prefers to be known these days, a.k.a. Robert Van Winkle, may be showing up on your music radar sometime soon.

He resurfaced very briefly in 1994 with an album called "Mind Blowin'," which immediately disappeared, taking the rapper's second coming with it. He re-entered the music scene again last year, leisurely booking studio time and playing a handful of scattered club dates. Ice put in an appearance on a track for a Bloodhound Gang album and made news when he claimed Death Row head Suge Knight had hung him over a balcony and demanded he sign over the rights to "Ice Ice Baby." Van Winkle also told press sources that he had kicked a drug habit and found God and a girlfriend. Given that he had invented an outlaw past before, he wasn't always believed.

Ice told People magazine last year that he formed a grunge band called Picking Scabs, but his fans can relax -- his current tour will be of the whitebread rap variety. They will most certainly be treated to a long version of his hit.

The tour dates are:

  • 2/19 - Juke Joint, Springfield MO
  • 2/20 - Ranch Bowl, Omaha NE
  • 2/21 - Granada Theatre, Lawrence KS
  • 2/22 - Granada Theatre, Lawrence KS
  • 2/23 - Cowboy's, Calgary ALB
  • 2/24 - Cowboy's, Edmonton ALB
  • 2/27 - Dome, Montreal QUE
  • 3/11 - Groovy Mule, Denton TX
  • 3/12 - Icon, Orlando FL
  • 3/13 - Rubb, Ybor City FL
  • 3/14 - TBA, Bradenton FL
  • 3/19 - Charlie's, So. Padre Island TX
  • 3/26 - Wichita KS In Cahoots
  • 3/27 - Mississippi, St. Louis MO
  • 3/28 - Blue Note, Columbia MO
  • 4/25 - Notre Dame University, Notre Dame IN