Van Halen Version '3' Set For Release

July 28 [7:55 EDT] -- The new Van Halen album will be called "3" according to various sources on the Web.

The Van Halen News Desk lists the title as the number '3' while Metal Edge editor Gerri Miller posts it on her magazine's bulletin board as "Van Halen III." Miller adds that the record is tentatively scheduled for release October 14. Band reps weren't available over the weekend to confirm the reports.

While neither report offered an explanation, the title logically refers to Van Halen version No. 3. The new record will be the debut of singer Gary Cherone who followed the acrimonious exit of Sammy Hagar who followed the acrimonious exit of David Lee Roth.

The three remain at war, or at least the websites that champion the various factions are. In the latest shot, the anti-Van Halen Slawterhouse site backing David Lee Roth (mostly) is refuting the sales figures offered by the official page for the band's recent Greatest Hits record. It also infers that producer

Mike Post bailed on the new project July 1 and vowed never to work with a rock band again.

The reports, of course, are being ignored by the official area and rejected by the fan sites.