Van Halen Goes To The Ice Hotel "Without You"

Van Halen just shot its first video for "Without You," the upcoming single from "Van Halen 3." The new album features the band's third lead singer, Gary Cherone, who was formerly with Extreme.

"Without You" was shot partially in a studio in L.A., but more interestingly, at The Ice Hotel in Sweden. It's not called The Ice Hotel for naught, it is literally made out of ice, with minimal amenities like heat and electricity.

Directed by Paul Andreson, "Without You," is sure to have plenty of special effects, if the director's previous work is anything to go by. He also directed such effect heavy clips as Tanya Donelly's video for her single "Pretty Deep," which has her tattoos coming to life.

"Van Halen 3" comes out on March 17. Look for the video in a couple of weeks.