Van Halen Video To Be Released Only On The Internet

Van Halen is telling fans that the band will be releasing their next video exclusively on the Internet.

The video for "Once," says the bands web site, was shot earlier this year in Detroit in preparation for the song's release as a single from their latest album, "Van Halen III," but the group's label, Warner Bros., "sidelined" the plans at the last minute. Rather than bury the project altogether, they decided to give it to their fans via the Internet.

The video was shot by David Bertinelli, the photographer brother of Eddie Van Halen's wife,actress Valerie Bertinelli. He's been shooting Van Halen since the day Eddie and Valerie met back in 1980. This is his first video. The end result is described as an intimate, behind the scenes look at the band including the pre-show warm-up, backstage preparations and the onstage performance.

It will be made available for download in streaming Real Video, Microsoft's AVI and Apple's MOV formats. There's two versions -- an edited

single version (4:12) and the full-length album rendition (7:40).

The video is initially being offered as a teaser while the full version is being encoded. It's available at the official Van Halen site (