Usher Compares Current High School Flick To "Grease"

After making his cinematic debut a few months back in the Robert Rodriguez-Kevin Williamson flick, "The Faculty," singer Usher Raymond has already returned to the screen in the box-office topping "She's All That."

In the film, Usher plays the resident high school DJ whose turntable skills are second only to that of his gossiping ability, and the young crooner talked with the MTV Radio Network about revisiting his school days twice in two films.

"[The movie] tales place at a high school, yet another high school movie," Usher said, alluding to his part in "The Faculty." "I would compare [this one] to 'Grease,' that's one of my favorites. So, it's like the hip side of 'Grease.' But at the same time, it has a lot of different dancing. It's not a musical, but it does have choreographed little sequences in it."

Next up for Usher is another film set in a place of higher leanring, as he has been cast in the Babyface-produced picture, "Light It Up," a drama about a group of students

who take control of their high school as an act of protest.