Bono Talks About Sarajevo U2 Concert

March 14 [8:00 EST] -- While U2 will be launching its "PopMart" tour in Las Vegas on April 25, the band will find a much more somber setting when they play the battle-weary former Yugoslavian city of Sarajevo.

The event is a long-planned date which singer Bono spoke to our colleagues at MTV Europe about recently during a bumpy bus ride through the group's hometown of Dublin.

"I'm sure they have a pain in the ass with rock n' roll glitteratti and the like, visiting them and patronizing them, and I really hope we don't settle with that," Bono said. "We're going because we were asked, I hope it will be one of the highlights of the tour, it certainly will be for me." (QuickTime, 675KB)

The band will celebrate a more consumer-minded highlight on Monday, when their "POP" album arrives at the top of the "Billboard" album chart. The album has now reached the top of the charts in 18 countries.

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