U2 Lands In The Middle Of Kansas City Rush Hour

May 22 [7:55 EDT] -- U2 took its act to the streets, literally, and got a lot of Missouri commuters hot under the collar in the process.

The band shut down portions of interstate highways leading to downtown Kansas City on Tuesday and Wednesday in order to shoot the video for its next single, "Last Night On Earth."

U2, which liked the city skyline enough to use it as a backdrop, had a permit approved last Saturday, but the public wasn't informed of the highway closing until late Monday afternoon. Missouri officials told the "Kansas City Star" that some 100,000 drivers travel the route that the band used during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

A spokesperson for the AAA Auto Club of Missouri told the newspaper, "I can't believe the stupidity of it."

Kansas City Mayor Emanuel Cleaver, who'd never heard of U2 before they played there Monday night, had a more upbeat outlook on the proceedings, telling the newspaper that the publicity for his city was worth

the grief.

While many commuters were put off by the shoot, more U2-minded folks were thrilled to have the band around. One Kansas City-based fan e-mailed us to say, "Even though there were some inconveniences due to short notice, a lot of people loved, and were very honored in having them shoot their video here."