U2 Tour Called "Phenomenal" Despite Reports

June 11 [7:55 EDT] -- Despite recent newspaper reports that call U2's PopMart tour a ticket sales disaster, the two major tour industry magazines disagree.

A "Pollstar" magazine spokesperson told MTV News that while some dates have sold disappointingly, other have sold out, and that the larger-than-life tour remains the top grosser so far this year.

While higher ticket prices are helping it gross more money than the 1992-93 Zoo-TV outing, a "Performance" magazine editor told "USA Today" that, "relative to the rest of the touring industry, U2 is phenomenal."

Speaking after their stint at Saturday's portion of the Tibetan Freedom Concert, Bono was in an upbeat mood while discussing the tour.

"It's going great for us," Bono told MTV News. "I think we're about to sell our two millionth ticket, which is mind-boggling...Madness. But it's great, you know. Ideally, we would have waited a few months before...you know, for the record

to sink in a bit more, before we took it out on the road. So the early dates were a little rocky as people were kind of looking at us not fully understanding the new material. But that's behind us now." [2.4MB QuickTime]

U2 is currently headed for Canada, but will return to the U.S. to play Oakland, California on June 18.