U2 Concert Blamed For Fans' Hearing Loss

September 18 [10:00 EDT] -- In what appears to be the first such court win for a concertgoer, the Associated Press reports that a French court has ordered a Marseilles concert promoter to pay the equivalent of $34,000 to a man who claimed he suffered hearing loss at a 1993 U2 show.

The promoter was fined, and not U2, because the fan snuck into the show.

Such lawsuits are nothing new, but this appears to be the first time that a defendant has lost a case of this kind.

Earlier this year, a Mötley Crüe fan who happened to work at a law firm lost his suit against the Crüe, in which he'd claimed to have felt a "searing pain" during a 1990 Mick Mars guitar solo.

The judge ruled that since the admitted metal fan had stayed through that Crüe show, he had no case. More recently, a 44-year-old judge's case against Barry Manilow (whose 1993 show allegedly left the judge with a permanent ringing in his ears) was settled this year when Manilow gave

$5,000 to the American Tinnitus Association.