U2 Plays Sarajevo

U2 has long been active in raising money for refugee relief in war-shattered Bosnia. This past Tuesday, the Irish band finally played a long-planned concert in Sarajevo, the first big rock show in that city since Elton John -- another major relief fund-raiser -- played there in 1992. Here's how it went.

THE EDGE: You know the fact that we can come and put on, not just a concert, but the same concert that we put on in Paris and New York and London, I think it's maybe a symbol for the people of Sarajevo that things are getting back to normal.

BONO, (on-stage): Viva Sarajevo! F*** the past! Kiss the future! Viva Sarajevo! [650k QuickTime]

We've been working on this for what? Four years? -- Since 1993 when we were on the Zoo TV tour, and a small camera crew from Sarajevo television smuggled their way out of the city, during the war, through the tunnel... and across to Italy where we were playing, and asked us, while they were

interviewing me, why we wouldn't play Sarajevo. So I couldn't come up with a good reason why not, and I've been trying ever since, and four years later we're here. I can't really believe it myself. We went 'round to meet the President, he wants to meet us, very cool. And he said that since we've gone here, other people have been on the phone from the Boston Philharmonic to Tina Turner saying, "Yeah, we'll do it." Which is great, you know?

U2 plays Sarajevo, at last.