U2 Security Guard Beaten By Bodyguard Of Mexican President's Son

December 5 [7:55 EDT] -- Following up on our Thursday morning report, more details are now surfacing about an incident at a U2 show in Mexico City that left a member of that band's security with head injuries requiring five stitches.

At the band's concert Tuesday night, the son of the president of Mexico attempted to get backstage, but failed, at which point his bodyguard beat up a U2 crew member who was standing in their way. The bodyguard, a state security officer, struck the U2 guard with a gun, sending him to a local hospital for treatment of minor head injuries. As we previously reported, the U2 security guard was given five stitches, and released.

U2's manager, Paul McGuinness, has met with Mexican officials (including Mexico City's district attorney) who've promised an investigation into what is being called an "unfortunate incident."