Type O Negative Talks About Tackling Beatles On New Album

Gone is the lush production that marked its last album, yet the Brooklyn-bred goth metal outfit Type O Negative still pulls a couple of familiar tricks from its sleeve on its new album.

After darkening down the sounds of Neil Young and Seals & Crofts on past records, Type O adds another track to its catalog of mind-boggling covers on "World Coming Down." The band serves up a makeover of the Beatles' "Day Tripper" that also includes slices of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)," "Tomorrow Never Knows," and "If I Needed Someone."

"The reason why we chose 'Day Tripper' is... the album is a bit more riff oriented," vocalist-bassist Peter Steele told MTV News. "The Beatles have only a handful of songs that start off with riffs or have riffs within them, which is not a bad thing. I mean, they're a great band, you know? They're a great band, no matter what they do, but we wanted to choose a song that went

with the continuity of the rest of the album." [RealVideo]

The rest of the album that Steele refers to finds the band cutting back from the 56-track production that shaped 1996's "October Rust" in favor of a more bare-knuckled 24-track sound. As a result, the band's stroll through the Beatles' catalog is a suitably dark and jagged affair... and a pricey one as well.

"We were surprised that we got the Beatles' camp to agree to let us do it at all," keyboardist-producer Josh Silver said. "It was just very expensive, and the label supported our extra expense, for the first time, so we're happy about that."

"You know what it really came down to was that Johnny had to have sex with Yoko Ono," Steele joked.

If re-tooling the Beatles required a bit of behind-the-scenes music biz footwork, it's nothing compared to what the band faced when it turned Seals & Crofts' lilting AM hit "Summer Breeze" into a thick, fuzzed out dirge on 1993's "Bloody Kisses."

"The first

rendition of 'Summer Breeze' that we did, I told the record company that I was going to change the lyrics and [they said,] 'Do what you want, Pete, go ahead, fine.' When Seals & Crofts heard our cover, they said, 'Well, the music's great, but you're not gonna touch the lyrics.' So we had to go back and rerecord, and at this point, we had sequenced and mastered the album, so we had to go in and cut the whole thing apart. But that's okay, because we inflated the price here at the studio of having to rerecord it, we inflated the price of mastering, and we went out and bought a bunch of Schwinn bicycles with the money."

"They have to have a sense of humor," Silver said of the move. "Unfortunately they're religious, which usually precludes humor. So they lost their sense of humor somewhere. After that kind of money... It's a hit, it's a great song, it's classic.... Have a sense of humor."

The results of Type O's most recent dip into the cover pool hits stores on Tuesday when "World

Coming Down" is released.