2 Skinnee J's Take Couch Trip For "Stockholm Love"

The 2 Skinnee J's will drop its new album, "Volumizer," next month, and for the first single, "Stockholm Love," the New York City-based rap and rock crew has taken a look at a rather peculiar display of affection.

The J's bassist Eddie Eyeball and keyboardist Stevie Spice told MTV News that the song was about Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological phenomenon in which kidnapping victims fall in love with their captors.

The term originated after a 1973 incident in Stockholm, Sweden, where a pair of ex-convicts took four hostages after their attempted bank robbery went awry. Even though the hostages were held for six days, they developed strong sentimental feelings for their captors and later refused to testify against the men.

After studying the case, social scientists determined that the emotional bond formed between captors and captives was actually a common occurrence in oppressive situations.

Spice admitted that the connection wasn't as

clearly drawn for him when he first heard the band's two frontmen, Special J and J Guevara, hammering out the lyrics for "Stockholm Love."

"Well, it's funny," Eyeball told MTV News, "because when we were doing the demos, I though they were saying 'Stuck On Love.' But then it was explained to me, and now we're forced to explain ourselves about the song, just because it's something that people don't know a lot about.

"I always though of it as a James Bond kind of thing," he continued, "but I think Patty Hearst would probably be the greatest example. Actually, I was talking to someone at the after-party of one of our

shows, and they suggested that we get Patty

Hearst to make a cameo in our 'Stockholm Love' video [laughs]. She got kidnapped, and then at the end of her whole thing, she was living with her kidnappers. It's hilarious when you think about it."

"I think [Special J and J Guevara] wrote the lyrics kind of as a commentary on how artists approach the industry," Eyeball added. "You either want to make music, or you want to make art, or have fun, but then you realize there's a lot of commerce involved, a lot of capitalism.

"Ultimately, every artist is faced with that decision at one point," Eyeball said, "wondering what do they want to do? Do they want to keep

going with this game, this machine, or do

they want to step out of the game and do what they want to do? I think those are the kind of sell-out issues [involved], I think that's what they were addressing in [the song]." [RealAudio]

The 2 Skinnee J's will release "Volumizer" on September 12 and are in the process of lining up a fall tour to support the record. Dates currently scheduled for the band's upcoming tour:

  • 8/31 - Beach Haven, NJ @ The Ketch
  • 9/12 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
  • 9/13 - Virginia Beach, VA @ Peabody's
  • 9/14 - Charleston, SC @ Music Farm
  • 9/15 - Columbia, SC @ WARQ Radio Show
  • 9/16 - Charlotte, NC @ Blockbuster Pavilion
  • 9/17 - Winston-Salem, NC @ Ziggy's
  • 9/20 - Lafayette, LA @ Grant Street Dance Hall
  • 9/21 - New Orleans, LA @ House Of Blues
  • 9/22 - Baton Rouge, LA @ Varsity Theatre
  • 9/30 - Greenville, NC @ WXNR Radio Show