2 Live Crew Records Tracks For Springer Movie, Clowns On Clinton

Controversial and marginal rap group 2 Live Crew are at it once again for two of the most controversial men on TV today: Jerry Springer and President Clinton.

Currently comprised of rappers Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis -- after founder Luke Campbell left in 1996, the group has recently cut two new versions of James Brown's "Living in America" for a soundtrack to the upcoming Springer film, "Jerry Springer: Ringmaster," which is due out on Thanksgiving.

2 Live Crew, which drew fire when the then Campbell-fronted band released the expletive-laced "As Nasty As They Wanna Be" in 1989, will also have "The Real One," a song from their current record co-written by Ice-T, included on the Springer soundtrack.

The rappers have also remixed its classic single, "Me So Horny," to apply to the president's current political entanglement, re-christening the track "Bill So Horny: The Presidential Remix."

"Bill So Horny" and "Living in America" will be included on a new Crew compilation,

"The 2 Live Crew's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2," which is due out in January 1999.