Tuatara Returns With Sophomore Effort, To Play Seattle Club Dates

For those of you that thought that "Breaking the Ethers," last year's debut from world music super-group Tuatara, was just a one-time thing, guess again.

The band, which features personnel from Screaming Trees, Luna and R.E.M., will return with its second album in little over a year with the release of "Trading with the Enemy" on May 26.

According to a spokesperson for Tuatara, the individual members of the band enjoyed the low-pressure camaraderie of the first record so much that a follow-up set was inevitable. Joining the core quartet of the group -- Barrett Martin, Justin Harwood, Peter Buck and Skerik -- this time around are Steve Berlin of Los Lobos and Scott McCaughey. Berlin and McCaughey both appeared on several "Ethers" tracks, and McCaughey and Buck have played together in another group, the Minus 5.

Tuatara is currently planning to play two low key-shows on April 12 and 13 at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle to debut material from the new album, and the group

will reprise its performance a few days later for a broadcast from the Microsoft Studios in Washington on April 16. According to the band's publicist, Tuatara will tour the west coast in July.