Trinket Cuts Tracks With Wallflowers Guitarist

While the Wallflowers aren't expected to deliver the long-awaited follow-up to 1996's "Bringing Down the Horse" until sometime next year, guitarist Michael Ward recently took time out to record a few songs with another band, Trinket.

Ward and Trinket got together in mid-August in Los Angeles studio for sessions produced by David Bianco and session drummer Michael Urbano, a friend of Ward's who played on Smash Mouth's hit single, "All-Star."

The sessions yielded a cover of Dramarama's "Anything Anything," a new song, "Boom" (which Urbano also played drums on), and an updated version of "All the Rave," a track that originally appeared on the group's 1999 "Trinket" record.

Another song, "Turn It On," was also recorded, but the band will likely hold onto those tapes for later usage. As for the three other tracks, both management and label reps for Trinket indicate that there is talk about adding the songs to a possible reissue of the self-titled release early next


Tentative plans also call for the album to be retitled, resequenced, and given new artwork as well.

Trinket hooked up with Ward after one of its guitarists, Jeffrey Fisher, amicably split from the group over the summer. The band has yet to officially name a replacement for Fisher and is currently auditioning several guitarists for the vacant slot.

-- David Basham

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