Tricky On His Music

FAN: What kind of music he plays?...

FAN #2: Chaos...

FAN #3: It was all about zoning you know, making you think you were somewhere you wasn't.

FAN #1: I don't know.

MTV: However you describe his work, it's fair to say that Tricky has definitely forged his own unique style of music.

TRICKY: It would be my dream to be like, say, Prince. Prince has got his own form of music.

MTV: Without being able to play any instruments, Tricky creates his music by culling bits of sounds from other sources, mucking them around with various electronic devices, and fusing it all together with the smooth vocal styling of singer Martina which is then coupled with his own gritty rhymes.

TRICKY: I can't sing. I wish I could sing. I wish I had a voice like the guy out of Tool you know. But unfortunately this is all I've got.

MTV: He also has trouble dancing apparently so you'll find Tricky performs

his live shows mostly in the dark.

TRICKY: I ain't got any good moves, you know. The most thing I can do is shake. So I'm not a performer. I'm just, I just want to make you feel the music.

FAN# 1: You really wouldn't want to see him performing in, you know, bright strobe lights and with, you know, girls dancing around and things like that.

FAN #4: Hiding the face kind of shows how he's not trying to sell the album, but he's trying to send the message.

MTV: Speaking of not trying to sell the album, with his latest release, Tricky didn't try to recreate the success of his debut record, the lush and melodic "Maxinquaye". Instead, he turned away from that style altogether and produced the more jaggedly dead-pan "Pre-Millenium Tension".

TRICKY: Maxinquaye was like, you put on the TV in England and all the adverts sound like it you know? So it was just me running, I was just trying to run away really. 'Cause if they get you and keep you in one place

then I feel like it's over.

MTV: One thread that has remained constant through each of Tricky's albums is the covering a classic rap track, this time out he gives a nod to Eric B and Rakim.

TRICKY: Rakim is a poet and Slick Rick, they have been a real tremendous influence. I feel like everybody should know a Rakim song and should know some of his lyrics 'cause they're unbelievable you know. It's like, I want to touch souls. And then if it gets played on the radio I'm lucky. But if I can touch a soul that's more important.