Trick Daddy On The Meaning Of "Nann"

Currently climbing up the "Billboard" Top 40 is Trick Daddy with his second album, "" MTV News recently asked the computer-savvy Miami rapper about his heavily rotating single "Nann."

"'Nann' came from the ghetto," Trick Daddy explained. "'Nann' is, 'You all don't know nobody better than me, nobody rawer than me, so what.' You know what I'm saying? I don't care who care, no one correct me. That's the way I want to say that I'm 'finna,' and I'm [fixin'] to be, you know. Instead of player-hating it's player-haters." [RealVideo]

Trick Daddy, the self-proclaimed computer thug, is on tour right now and will be playing Norfolk, Virginia on Friday.

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