Travis On Dedicating LP To Stanley Kubrick

It's been a little over a year since the death of renowned filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, and on Tuesday producer/director Steven Spielberg announced that he would write and helm "A.I.," a project that Kubrick had been working on for 18 years.

Because of his distinctive style and unique vision, evident on such films as "2001," "A Clockwork Orange," "Dr. Strangelove," "The Shining," and "Lolita," Stanley Kubrick proved to be influential on a wide range of artists and performers over the last thirty years -- including musicians.

Travis, the acclaimed Glaswegian band that will open for Oasis on its North American tour (see "Travis Talks About Landing Oasis Tour"), dedicated its newest album, "The Man Who," to the memory of Kubrick, who died on March 7, 1999, just as the group was finishing the record.

After selling more than two million copies of the LP in Europe, Epic Records plans to release "The Man Who" in America on April

11. During a recent interview with MTV News, Travis explained why it chose to dedicate the album to Kubrick and another close friend the band lost last year.

"When we were mastering the record at Abbey Road, kind of putting it all together, it was just around that time that Stanley Kubrick died," explained bassist Dougie Payne. "And we're all kind of big film fans and love the cinema, so when somebody's that gifted or an artist [who] is that important dies, you have to kind of tip the cap to them in some small way, 'cause he's an important man."

"It's also dedicated to Shirley," added frontman Fran Healy, "a friend of ours' dog that died --"

"Around the same time," Payne interjected.

"The same week," Healy continued. "It was, like, the happiest dog. It was

one of those dogs that was so gentle, a big Labrador, and its tail was always wagging. He was just an old thing, [shuffling around], and he was always [so] happy."

"So, you take Stanley Kubrick and a happy dog and you put them together, you have Travis," [RealVideo] Payne observed.

Travis and Oasis will launch their joint tour on April 5 in Seattle, and Travis has already released "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" as the first U.S. single from "The Man Who."