Tool Sets Date For New Studio Album

After dropping a collection of live material later this year, Tool will treat its long-suffering fans to a new studio album in April of next year.

Through its official Web site (at, the progressive rock outfit has announced that its long-awaited studio effort will arrive on April 17, which also happens to be the birthday of Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan.

The release will mark the band's first studio effort since 1996's "Aenima." It will also come on the heels of a collection of live material that is due to hit stores in November (see "Tool Gearing Up For Two New Albums"). The band is promising to unveil details about the live album and preview the material selected for it on

As we previously reported, next year's Tool release will also bring with it a new official Web site for the band at


The band hit the studio this month to start recording the new album, and sources expect a relatively quick recording period (as the band is known for "writing long and recording short," as one source told MTV News).

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