Tool Lines Up CD/DVD Box Set

Tool doesn't plan on releasing any new music until April, but the band has firmed up a track listing for a CD and video release of some previously recorded material that will be released in time for the holidays.

The first release from Tool in four years will include a four-song DVD — which will also be available in VHS — as well as a CD featuring five live tracks and three studio cuts, according to Volcano Records. The package is scheduled to hit stores on December 12.

The expected moniker for the set was Salival, but the cover artwork and interior printed material arrived on the label's doorstep with no such title, according to a Volcano spokesperson. For now, the project remains untitled. The move is a familiar one for Tool fans, as two of the band's last three album covers do not feature titles.

The CD will include live versions of "Third Eye," "Part of Me," "You Lied" (a song recorded by Peach, Justin Chancellor's previous band),

"Pushit" (with tabla player Aloke Dutta), and a track titled "Merkaba." The studio cuts are outtakes from the Aenima sessions: a Led Zeppelin cover, "No Quarter," and original tracks "Harry Manback II" and "L.A. Municipal Court."

The videos on the DVD/home video will include "Sober," "Prison Sex," "Stinkfist," and "Aenema." According to the official Tool site, unspecified bonus material will be available on the DVD.

The package will include a 56-page booklet featuring previously unseen performance shots and video stills.

As for the new material, Tool's Web site (at reports that the band entered the studio last month, and images of the band in the studio are available on the site. The new

LP is expected

out on April 17, which also happens to be singer Maynard James Keenan's birthday (see "Tool Sets Date For New Studio Album").

The track listing for the box set:


  • "Third Eye" (live)
  • "Part of Me" (live)
  • "Pushit" (live)
  • "Harry Manback II" (unreleased studio track)
  • "You Lied" (live)
  • "Merkaba" (live)
  • "No Quarter" (unreleased studio track)
  • "L.A Municipal Court" (unreleased studio track)


  • "Sober"
  • "Prison Sex"
  • "Stinkfist"
  • "Aenema"