Remnants Of Toad The Wet Sprocket Recording, Touring

The remnants of Toad the Wet Sprocket are getting back to making music. Guitarist Todd Nichols and bassist Dean Dinning are currently in a studio in Vancouver, cutting tracks that will likely form the base of their new album, while singer Glen Phillips is heading out on tour.

Toad The Wet Sprocket croaked as a band in late July citing the well-worn 'creative differences.' Phillips fronted the band and was largely responsible for the lyrics, Nichols wrote or co-wrote the band's music.

According to manager Chris Burke, the group's label, Sony, has the first options on projects by the individual members, and they're making full use of their allotted 90 days option time. But while the label has yet to inform Burke of their intentions regarding either faction, that hasn't stopped Nichols and Dinning from cutting four songs with Vancouver's Craig Northey, a member of the Odds. The project is as yet untitled.

Meanwhile, Burke reports that Phillips will be spending the month

of October on the road headlining an acoustic tour that also features X's John Doe, Jewel co-writer Steve Poltz, and Pete Droge. The road trip kicks off October 13 in Solano Beach, California.