TLC Takes Freeloaders To Task In New Video

They've done pretty well without one so far, but chart-toppers TLC have wrapped up a video for the first single from their "Fanmail" album.

The ladies turned to director Hype Williams for the video for "No Scrubs," which is expected to turn up in early April.

"Oh, everybody knows a scrub," the group's T-Boz told MTV News of the men who inspired the track.

"It's a man who has no life at all. Not at all. I mean, he lives off his baby," T-Boz explained.

"You see a ton of them at the Freaknik," TLC's Chili added, referring to the annual southern shindig. "Freaknik, whoo! Scrubnik, scrubnik, that’s it."

"Oh yes! All kind of scrubs," T-Boz agreed. "They have no jobs. They're perpetrating and pretending their friend’s car is theirs, but

they’re the loudest and most ignorant ones that you can hear hollering down the street. 'Hey girl! Come holler at me! Holla, holla, holla.!' And then, they live with their mother. They’re like 45, living with their mom."

Freeloaders and fronters, you have been warned.