TLC's T-Boz Talks "Unpretty," Sets Release Date For "Thoughts"

Some lucky TLC fans may have their fanmail answered in November.

TLC singer T-Boz will be releasing her first book, "Thoughts," on November 3, courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers. As previously reported, the book will contain responses to letters from fans as well as original poetry by the singer and ruminations on her experiences in the music industry and her struggle with sickle cell anemia (see "TLC's T-Boz To Release Book Of 'Thoughts' In November").

Included in "Thoughts" is the poem that spawned the lyrics to the group's current single, "Unpretty." T-Boz told the MTV Radio Network that the concept behind the poem is that "Everyone has felt 'unpretty' at one time or another," and that she "wanted to share that thought with everyone."

Meanwhile, TLC, who took home the Best Group Video award (for "No Scrubs") at last week's 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, plan on kicking off a tour in support of their multi-platnium

album, "Fanmail," next year.