TLC's Chilli Speaks Out On Left Eye's "Challenge"

Despite the bad vibes that have appeared between the members of TLC in the press, the hip-hop trio say that the spats are just a sisterly sign of how close they truly are.

The so-called "feud" started after TLC's Chilli and T-Boz spoke about Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes' lack of total commitment to the group's latest release, "Fan Mail," in an interview with "Entertainment Weekly."

Lopes then responded by challenging her TLC bandmates to a recording duel. In a statement sent to "Entertainment Weekly," Lopes said she wanted T-Boz and Chilli to each record solo albums, which would then be packaged with her own solo album and be released as a triple disc set, titled "The Challenge."

But in an interview yesterday with the MTV Radio Network, Chilli said that "The Challenge" album won't happen, and that her and T-Boz's initial comments to the "Entertainment Weekly" were just part of the group's cyclical ups and downs.

"I mean,

had we not said anything [to the magazine]," Chilli said, "it wouldn't have been the talk of, 'Oh my God, are you guys breaking up?' No, we're not breaking up. We just … man, it was just one of those days, and the [writer] caught us, me and T-Boz, on that day."

"You know, it's like we're sisters," she continued. "So, that day the two big sisters were mad at the little sister … We all go through our little changes, we all overall love each other. That's what's so special about our little group." [RealAudio]

TLC has just wrapped up the first leg of its "Fanmail" tour, and will take some time off for the holidays before returning to the road with opener Christina Aguilera in January.