TLC's "Left Eye" Turns Up On TV

As those who work with her predicted, TLC's Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes has turned up safe, sound, and on television.

Friends and family had become concerned after losing contact for a week with the singer, who didn't show for a family function in Atlanta and also missed a press conference in Las Vegas.

However, the Left Eye mystery was solved recently when "Inside Edition" rolled tape of Lopes and boyfriend Sean Newman outside a hotel in New Orleans. Speaking with sister site Sonicnet, LaFace Records publicist Matt Shelton confirmed that it was in fact Lopes captured in footage shown on the syndicated show last Thursday.

The footage aired amid reports that friends and family were beginning to worry about Lopes. At the time, Shelton told MTV News that Lopes was likely off with her boyfriend, and that LaFace expected the singer to emerge soon. "We are confident that she will turn up soon and make a grand entrance," Shelton said last week (see "UPDATE: Left Eye Missing, But Record Label "Not Worried").

The members of TLC have been taking a break from the group in recent months, as each focuses on individual projects. For Lopes, that means a solo album that the singer has said she hopes to have in stores early next year (see "'Left Eye' Says Solo LP To Focus On 'Self'").

Left Eye did not join Chilli at the wedding of their TLC-mate T-Boz late last month (see "T-Boz, Mack 10 Wed As Chilli, Ice Cube Look On").