Upcoming Timbaland Film To Take Inside Look At Music Industry

After teaming up with Magoo for last year's "Welcome to Our World," rapper and producer Timbaland will unveil his solo debut album this week, entitled "Tim's Bio: Music from the Motion Picture 'Life from Da Bassment.'"

As the album's title alludes to, Timbaland is also at work on a corresponding film that he plans to release next year, a movie which will tell the story of his music family -- which includes Missy Elliott, Ginuwine and the Legion of Doom, among others.

"[The film is] really just different type stuff," Timbaland explained to the MTV Radio Network, "[it's] not a hip-hop movie, but a movie that's real life, with a lot of stuff that happens in the industry that nobody talks about." [28.8 RealVideo]

One of Tim's compatriots not featured in the new movie is Aaliyah, a recent addition to the rapper's camp, although she is featured along with Missy, Ginuwine and Magoo

in Timbaland's new Spider-Man influenced video, "Here We Come."