Carl Thomas On Pushing R&B Boundaries

Sean "Puffy" Combs' Bad Boy Records rolled out "Emotional," the debut album from R&B crooner Carl Thomas, on Tuesday.

Puff Daddy discovered Thomas in a New York nightclub in 1997, and quickly signed him as the first male R&B soloist on the Bad Boy label.

Thomas, who's been compared to Brian McKnight and Maxwell, says he's excited to be a part of the current soul revolution, though he'd like to see more R&B singers push past those musical boundaries.

"They can fly spaceships, and swing on ropes from the jungle, and find a cure for cancer and all these wonderful things, you know," Thomas told MTV News. "And a lot of times, a lot of the R&B artists are constricted to performance clips and 'get on stage and pump your genitals.' It's not sexy enough. It became redundant for a while. "It's just a real breath of fresh air

blowing through the whole R&B movement right now," he concluded. "I'm just real happy to be a part of it." [RealVideo]

"I Wish," the first single from Thomas' LP, is currently at number 32 on the "Billboard" charts.

Carl Thomas will open for Mary J. Blige's summer tour that kicks off June 6th in Richmond, California.